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Close your legs, it smells like fish.

"Insanity is just sanity with new rules."

I can see into your soul.
I don't have a working computer, I can only access tumblr via phone,


Rae. 19. Bisexual. Single. Pittsburgh, PA. Vegetarian. Pro-choice, Anti-christ, body-positive feminist. Pierced, tattooed, modified. I like anything macabre, or horror-esque. I like Horror Punk, especially Calabrese. Talk to me, I don't bite...unless you're into that kind of thing.

Lust: Something that I find attractive.
Pride: Something that I like about myself.
Sloth: Something that I dislike about myself.
Envy: Something I wish I was better at.
Gluttony: One of my favorite foods.
Wrath: Something that gets me angry.
Greed: Something I can’t get enough of.

This is why I shouldn’t be let outside


This is why I shouldn’t be let outside



When annoying dudes come up and try to hit on you, never turn them down because you’re in a relationship. Don’t spare their feelings by making them think that maaaybe you’d be with them if you were single. Let them know that they ain’t shit and won’t ever be shit. 

Words to live by.


shut the fuck up hermione you fucking nerd.

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